"Fit for 55" brings high transformation pressure

by Dagmar Dieterle

With a vote in favor of the "Fit for 55" program, which combines several important climate protection laws, the European Parliament has now voted, among other things, for a tightening of emissions trading and a CO2 limit offset. What does this mean for companies?

"Effective climate protection is extremely important from the point of view of business," commented Achim Dercks, Deputy Chief Executive of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), on the agreement reached in Strasbourg on April 18. "However, higher costs for certificates must not put German companies at a disadvantage in international comparison."

For Germany to stay competitive as an industrial location in the medium term, there is now very high pressure to transform, he said. "Regulatory barriers must not be allowed to further block the operational path to climate neutrality," warned the DIHK deputy managing director. "And companies need a sufficient and affordable supply of renewable energy - in addition to electricity from wind and sun or hydrogen."

At the same time, climate protection and competitiveness must also be able to go hand in hand for the export industry, Dercks pointed out. "An EU climate club with important trading partners would be a good solution here, combining fair competitive conditions and climate protection."

Source and photo: DIHK

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