Artificial intelligence in the steel industry

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marketSTEEL: What is the particular benefit of Fero software for the steel and metal industry?

We predict industrial production processes in their process behavior with AI and white-box machine learning. Our software enables our customers to accelerate their transformation towards decarbonization without long lead times. And most importantly, our software works! In concrete terms, measurable efficiency effects can be realized and costs saved after just two months. At the same time, the use of Fero software acts as a "booster" for climate protection.


marketSTEEL: Where exactly is artificial intelligence being used in the steel industry?

Fero software and Artificial Intelligence make it possible to commute in real time in the raw material composition. This can significantly reduce unnecessary scrap in the production process. Some customers want to achieve top quality with as few resources as possible. Others rely on achieving a certain minimum threshold of quality very consistently in production. We can offer both.


marketSTEEL: Where does Fero Labs see the future of steel?

The future of steel is green. However, the path to decarbonization by building entire new plants takes a long time and is very expensive. But in the fight against climate change, we have no time to lose. To advance the industrial transformation, we also need to improve current plants. And we need to do it today, not the day after tomorrow. Every day that manufacturing companies don't get started with AI-based process optimization is unnecessarily expensive and dirty.

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