Some call it IoT - We call it BlechCon

by Dagmar Dieterle


marketSTEEL: Sheet metal processing is becoming more flexible, transparent and digital How does BlechCon react to this change?

Frank Wedel:

We are experts when it comes to 2D laser cutting, including the bending of sheet metal, as well as 3D laser cutting of tubes made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We use fully automated laser cutting systems of the latest generation as well as CNC-controlled press brakes. With our machinery and thanks to modern digital processes, we are able to satisfy customer requirements individually and flexibly. In addition, several processes can be outsourced. Thus we have unlimited capacities. Our web calculator is just as helpful to customers as our qualified employees, who are always ready to listen to questions, suggestions or individual requests.

marketSTEEL: What is so special about Blechcon and how did the start-up idea come about?

Frank Wedel:

Customers with large and medium order volumes are looking for flexible suppliers in the medium term. Our online portal makes it easy to calculate and order sheet metal blanks and folded parts. With the web calculator and the personal consultation of the customers by our team, which has many years of market and product knowledge, we support the customers in their projects. Within the framework of this cooperation, we can also match the wishes of our existing customers in the future.

marketSTEEL: How can I imagine the order in practice? The customer has concrete plans/drawings with dimensions? Does he scan the plan? How does the customer enter the material required? How does he receive an offer?

Frank Wedel:

The customer can ask for an offer directly via the web portal or classically by e-mail, fax or telephone.

My vision is that digitalization and jobs are not necessarily incompatible and that we also produce economically in Germany. Regionalization is the focus. I want to be a loyal and reliable partner for customers. We deal with people and the customer is the focus of our actions.

marketSTEEL: How quickly can you deliver? Do you also offer "on-demand" delivery?

Frank Wedel:

Existing customers receive small order quantities within 48 hours at the moment. But starting next year, the delivery time will be reduced to a maximum of 24 hours. Using the online calculator, customers can keep track of their order at all times and call up offers, order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices at the click of a mouse.

marketSTEEL: Which materials can you process? What production options do you offer?

Frank Wedel:

Our company offers processing of aluminium and stainless steel as well as normal steel. For tube laser processing and various types of processing such as countersinking, threading or setting nuts, we work with partners who carry out the work on our behalf reliably and quickly.

marketSTEEL: Please describe BlechCon in two sentences

Frank Wedel:

Some call it Industry 4.0 - we call it BlechCon.

We implement the Smart Factory by calculation using software and almost fully automated production by reliable partners with whom we work out new technical solutions together. In addition, we ensure that our customers receive their ordered products safely packaged in the highest quality and at economically attractive prices and delivered reliably on the day announced.


marketSTEEL: Mr. Wedel, thank you very much for the interview.


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