Acciaierie Venete awards Danieli with order for complete wirerod production

by David Fleschen

Acciaierie Venete, a steelmaker specialized in high added-value long products and operating various facilities in Northern Italy, has contracted Danieli to implement a new complete wirerod production line aimed at expanding the existing steel plant in Sarezzo (Brescia).

Fed by the existing Danieli rolling mill that is producing straight and coiled quality bars, the new wirerod line will produce special steel smooth rounds from 5.5 to 25 mm dia, at speeds up to 110 m/s, expanding the company product portfolio.

The new wirerod mill will include three fast-finishing blocks to perform a total of 18 passes, including one TMB Twin-Module Block which will guarantee ± 0.1 mm tolerance and 50% ovality to the whole range of products.

Danieli Automation Hi-Profile Lite gauge measurement system will provide real-time feedback on the rolling operations and certify the quality of the final product, whilst motorized remote control of the rings will allow prompt adjustments during rolling.

A Danieli-patented, high-speed shear will ensure accurate, consistent head-and-tail in-line trimming.

Remote diagnostics of the main equipment will be made available through the Danieli CMS Conditioning and Monitoring System.

The new line will be designed with the provision of in-line low-temperature rolling for specific final applications.

The contract includes engineering, manufacturing, erection, on-site training, and advisory services for the complete technological supply. The mill will start operation in early 2025.

Source and Photo: Danieli

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