Aluminum and Zinc Alloying Leaders Forge Partnership

by David Fleschen

Ritchey Metals, one of the largest manufacturers of zinc alloys in the US, and Imperial Group, a diversified metals group moving nearly 75 million pounds of metal monthly, have entered into a Joint Venture to serve the non-ferrous alloyed metals industry in the southern half of the United States.
"This Joint Venture between our organizations will serve as a catalyst to grow our alloying portfolio in a strategic manner," said Stephen Ritchey, President of Ritchey Metals. "More importantly, it presents greater opportunities for all of our customers, including geographic advantages, strengthened brand relations, increased talent attraction, and career growth for our employees."
The Joint Venture will leverage each business’s strengths, Ritchey Metals bringing additional zinc industry knowledge, customer reach, and alloying experience, while taking advantage of Imperial Group’s strengths in alloying, sourcing, logistics and geographic footprint. Both firms have well established customers in each of the different metal markets and together will be able to deliver a value-added experience for existing clientele as well as new prospective customers.The location of the JV will utilize Imperial’s plant in Scottsboro, Alabama.
This strategic location will add capabilities to service the Southern Market stretching all the way from the East Coast to the Southwestern US. Both Imperial and Ritchey own asset-based trucking companies under its umbrella of entities to better service the majority of the United States, a strong cost advantage over most competitors in this space.
"Our non-ferrous alloying expertise and broad-reaching manufacturing capabilities combined with Ritchey’s strong customer base and industry knowledge represent a powerful combination which is sure to be attractive to the metals industry," said Jay Sandler, President of Imperial Zinc and anImperial Group Partner. "Combining our business knowledge and experience will ensure both companies will improve service capabilities and bring value added abilities to our customers."About Ritchey Metals: Ritchey Metals is a preferred supplier of zinc, aluminum, and non-ferrous alloys across the die casting, electroplating, and steel coating industries.
A third-generation family owned business, Ritchey Metals operates two facilities in southwestern Pennsylvania, each with multiple furnaces. These include reverberatory, rotary, and open-top kettles.
Source: Ritchey Metals, Photo: Fotolia

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