Another order won from AMAG rolling

by Hans Diederichs

New cycloconverter for main drive

Aluminum producer AMAG rolling GmbH has awarded Primetals Technologies an order to install new converter equipment for the main drive on the two-high hot stand at its Ranshofen plant in Austria. The project covers supply, engineering, installation, commissioning, training and production of the documentation. This modernization will increase the reliability of the rolling stand and ensure the future availability of spare parts. The project is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2021.

The modernization project involves replacement of the power semiconductors for the stator and excitation as well as the installation of new control units for operating the synchronous motor of the main drive. This solution will enable specific components to be replaced while minimizing the risk involved in the refurbishment. The drive components will be subjected to a system test and the interfaces will be tested in the plant's switchgear room during the refurbishment-related standstill in December 2020.

Primetals Technologies has modernized more than 40 cycloconverters in the last few years. A major factor in Primetals Technologies winning this order was its know-how and experience in replacing systems and the certainty that brings in terms of the company's ability to deliver a project in line with customer expectations.

Source and photo: Primetals Technologies

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