Aperam's shareholders approve all resolutions on the agenda

by Hans Diederichs

The Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of Aperam held today in Luxembourg approved all resolutions on the agenda by a large majority. 75% of the voting rights were represented at the General Meetings.

In view of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Board of Directors of Aperam had decided to hold this year's General Meetings by virtual-only format  as permitted by Luxembourg law. In view thereof, arrangements were made to allow  shareholders to vote electronically and by proxy voting. The results of the votes will be posted in due course on www.aperam.com under "Investors" - "Equity Investors" - "Shareholders' Meetings" - "5 May 2020 - General Meetings of Shareholders".

In particular, the shareholders
•             approved the consolidated financial statements for the financial year 2019;
•             approved the remuneration policy, and remuneration report for the year 2019;
•             re-elected Mr. Joe Greenwell; and elected Mr. Alain Kinsch, and Dr. Ros Rivaz as Directors of
               Aperam for a term of three years;
•             authorized grants of share based incentives under the Group's Long Term Incentive Plan
               covering Performance Share Unit grants for the Leadership Team and other performance
               based grants below the level of the Leadership Team; and
•             decided to renew and extend the scope of the authorised share capital of the Company, to
               authorize the Board of Directors to limit or cancel the preferential subscription rights of
               existing shareholders and to amend the articles of association accordingly.

Source: Aperam                       Graphic: Fotolia

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