ArcelorMittal: Kraków coke plant will reduce environmental footprint

by David Fleschen

ArcelorMittal Poland’s coke plant in Kraków will invest in the modernization of the dedusting installation of the coke oven battery as well as in construction of the desorption column and ammonized water installation. Thanks to these investments, worth PLN 31.5 m and due to start at the end of this year the company will reduce its environmental footprint.

The coke produced at the Kraków unit of the company goes mainly to the plant in Dąbrowa Górnicza. It is produced in a coke oven battery that has a comprehensive dedusting system. Now this system will be modernized.

“This will be a comprehensive modernization of the dedusting system. The equipment and installations will be replaced with new ones. Thanks to this, not only will we improve the effectiveness of the installation, but also increase the efficiency of dedusting and thus reduce dust emissions” explains Ryszard Opyrchał, director of the ArcelorMittal Poland’s coke plant in Kraków.

The works will cover the entire transmission line: from the coke oven battery through the installation of coke dry quenching to the dedusting plant. The structure, including thermal insulation, of the dedusting caps used when emptying the coke from the battery will also be modernized. “We will replace 980 bag filters, which are located in our dedusting plant” says the director of the Kraków coke plant. The works are to start at the end of 2021 and last until April 2022.

Another significant investment is the construction of the desorption column and construction of the ammonized water installation. This installation is key to maintain the parameters of coke oven gas cleaning according to Best Available Techniques (BAT). These works will also commence at the end of 2021 and last for about 12 months.

“Decarbonisation, that is the reduction of carbon emissions in steelmaking processes is a strategic goal for ArcelorMittal Poland, as well as for our entire Group. Reducing our environmental impact in terms of dust emissions is equally important. We are investing in our Kraków coke plant because thanks to such initiatives we realize our obligations in terms of environmental protection” comments Sanjay Samaddar CEO and chairman of the Board of Directors at ArcelorMittal Poland.

Source and Photo: ArcelorMittal Poland

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