Canadian steel producers call on government to implement climate measures

by David Fleschen

Today, the President and CEO of the Canadian Steel Producers Association, Catherine Cobden, released
the following statement in response to the tabling of the Federal 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan in the
House of Commons.

“The Canadian Steel industry welcomes the tabling of the 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan today by
Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault in the House of Commons. This plan helps to create more
business certainty over the remainder of the decade while providing more details on the measures
Canada will deploy to bring the country closer to a net-zero future.

“For its part, the steel industry continues to lead by example towards its ambitious net-zero aspirations.
To date, thanks to partnerships with different levels of government, two strategic projects in the sector
will remove 6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year by the end of this decade and together reduces
the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. A reduction level in line with Canada’s 2030 target.

“The 2030 Emission Reduction Plan identifies the important role of clean electricity grids, carbon
capture and storage, the future role of hydrogen amongst others. These necessary transformational
changes won’t just happen on their own. And while today’s announcement identifies some critical steps
forward, the CSPA is calling on governments to further unlock these new pathways by working with
industries and others to directly address key barriers to these solutions such as access, availability, and

“Now that the plan and its elements are on the table, all efforts must be on implementation. The
industry remains ready to do our part as a constructive partner.”

Source: CSPA, Photo: Fotolia

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