Danieli Automation supplies steel production at Tokyo Steel Kyushu Works

by David Fleschen

The patented Danieli Automation Q-ONE technology already used by European steelmakers is in operation now at the Tokyo Steel Kyushu plant, in Japan.

Designed with a single, high-current power unit for the 115-t ladle furnace and working with currents up to 25 kA and 205-V arcs, the Q-ONE successfully processed the first heat on August 12, 2021.

The full system was installed in just 20 days during the summer production shutdown, as crews worked on three shifts to reach the challenging target.

The energy consumption recorded at different frequencies, based on the same Delta Temperature (ΔT), has shown that at 40 Hz it is possible to obtain an electrical energy savings of 12% compared to the refining process without the Q-ONE.

The variation of the fundamental frequency of current is dynamically possible only thanks to the innovative Q-ONE and creates a capability to reach and set new targets for the steel industry.

The power-on time was decreased by over 20%, down to 22 min, thus enabling the EAF production increase.

The power factor is higher than 0.96, compared to the previous 0.90, while flicker value of ΔV10 4th measured at 22 kV is below 0.1.

Electrode saving at 40 Hz is in the order of 10%, compared to the previous analog operation.

Frequency of operation is foreseen to move down to 30 Hz and less in the next days to introduce more operation savings.

In addition, this digital solution ensures compliance with the flicker limits and the harmonic distortion thresholds imposed on the grid by the electricity supplier.

Tokyo Steel Kyushu Works issued a Preliminary Acceptance Certificate to confirm the completion of commissioning in accord with a narrow contractual schedule.

Source and Photo: Danieli

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