Danieli CMS in operation at Aceros Arequipa rolling mill in Lima, Peru

by David Fleschen

Full satisfaction has been expressed by Aceros Arequipa for the service and assistance provided by Danieli Service about the Danieli Condition Monitoring System (D-CMS) in operation on rolling mill #2 in Lima, Perù, which produces 800,000 tpy of plain and deformed bars, ranging from 8 to 32-mm dia.

The implemented D-CMS is a Danieli-patented, consolidated system for monitoring bearings and gears condition, and learn in advance about possible damages.

Customer maintenance staff, supported by Danieli Service well-experienced team, checks the anomalies which are automatically reported by the system. Every three months Aceros Arequipa receives from Danieli a complete report describing the condition of each machine.

Engineering, installation and commissioning of the system took approx. one year, starting from the order. Both commissioning and training activities were carried out remotely.

Following this result, Danieli Service will provide two new Condition Monitoring Systems at Aceros Arequipa.

One is being installed, on rolling mill #1 that produces 300,000 tpy high-carbon rounds and wirerod, and another one will be installed on the new Danieli rolling mill #3, dedicated to the producion of 400,000 tpy of rebar and small/medium profiles, in 2024.

Source and Photo: Danieli

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