Danieli line for twist-free, quality bars in spooled coils in operation in Brazil

by David Fleschen

Aço Cearense Group’s Siderúrgica Norte Brasil (Sinobras) plant produced the first spooled coils using Danieli spooler technology at its rolling mill #2 in Marabá, Pará state, Brazil.

The new spooler line is capable of producing rebars from 10 to 25 mm dia in perfectly shaped coils, at a maximum finishing speed of 35 m/s.

Spooled bars do not require unwinding and rewinding before use in downstream lines. Danieli spooler technology ensures the best metallurgical uniformity through the whole coil.

Sinobras is the first steelmaker in Brazil to produce added-value, twist-free spooled bars in coils by using Danieli spooler advanced technology.

Ordered by 37 customers, 86 Danieli spooler lines are in operation worldwide –in Europe, USA, Latin America, Middle East, Japan, Korea and China.

Source and Photo: Danieli

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