Duferdofin is again 100% Italian owned

by Hans Diederichs

The Joint-Venture between Duferco and Nucor Corporation ends

After 12 years of productive partnership, the Joint-Venture between Duferco and Nucor is approaching to end. The JV created Duferdofin-Nucor, the first producer of steel beams for construction in Italy with a capacity of more than 1 million tons/year.

The two partners reached a friendly agreement stating that Duferco will reacquire the 50% now belonging to Nucor, becoming the exclusive owner of the company.

Duferco also confirmed the investment for the new rolling mill in the plant of San Zeno Naviglio, Brescia. In the next days, the name of the technological partner will be released.

It is an investment worth 180 million Euro, that will create 150 new jobs and allow Duferco to strengthen its key role in Europe as a producer of steel profiles.

«Being in partnership with the first American steel producer for such a long time has been a real honour for Duferco. We sincerely thank the Nucor’s people who worked with us during these years, helping the company improve continuously its technical and productive performances» - said Antonio Gozzi, president of Duferco Italia Holding.

The financial closing is expected to occur during the first days of December, after the all-clear from the European Authority for Competition.

Source and photo: Duferco

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