EUROFER measures on the Coronavirus

by Hans Diederichs

The European Steel Association (EUROFER) and the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP) are following the recommendations provided by the Belgian authorities, including those announced on 10 March, in order to slow down the spread of the novel COVID-19 coronavirus. EUROFER and ESTEP also follow the recommendations given by the EU institutions regarding meetings with EU officials.

For this reason, and until further notice, the following decision has been taken for EUROFER and ESTEP meetings and staff:

  1. EUROFER and ESTEP meetings between 11 March until 31 March will be reorganised as web-conferences. During this time, exemptions for physical meetings have to be explicitly authorised by the Director General/Secretary General.
  2. Meetings with EU officials will be maintained unless otherwise advised by the respective EU institution. In this respect, preparatory meetings at EUROFER and ESTEP offices, if necessary, can be maintained.
  3. EUROFER and ESTEP staff is advised to work from home as much as possible as of Thursday, 12 March (inclusive) until further notice. Working hours must be respected and staff must remain available during these hours. Staff working from home must arrange the necessary resources with EUROFER’s IT manager (laptop, mobile phone, etc.) that may be needed to fulfil their tasks properly as soon as possible.
  4. Work related travel will be limited to the essential. Travel arrangements in the period until 31 March will be cancelled. Exceptions must be explicitly authorised by the Director General/Secretary General.
  5. Access to the office will nevertheless remain possible for EUROFER and ESTEP staff if it is necessary to perform their duties, until otherwise stated. Non-EUROFER persons must, however, obtain the approval of a EUROFER/ESTEP member of staff who shall permit access to the EUROFER/ESTEP premises in accordance with article 1 of this notice.

    Source: Eurofer            Photo: Fotolia

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