First TBK laser measurement system on the Arabian Peninsula

by David Fleschen

The Kingdom of Bahrain-based SULB Company BSC, a manufacturer of medium and heavy beams and structural steel sections in the Middle East, has commissioned TBK Automation and Measuring Technology GmbH to supply an autonomous dimensional measuring system for sections in combination with a surface defect detection software. The dimensional and surface defect detection measuring system will be installed in the existing SMS heavy section mill at SULB's site in Hidd, Kingdom of Bahrain, to increase product quality through accurate and autonomous measurement of the entire production.

In December 2022, SULB placed an order with TBK, a wholly owned subsidiary of the SMS group, for automatic online measuring systems based on laser light section technology for the heavy section mill at the Hidd site, which was also supplied by the SMS group. The scope of supply includes a PROgauge, a dimensional light section measuring system for sections, and SurfTec, a software for the detection of surface anomalies. TBK can supply the complete order from a single source. The order allows TBK to establish its first reference in the Arabian Peninsula.

In synergy with the mechanical know-how of the SMS group, the PROgauge will be installed directly between the end stand and the hot saw to obtain a correct measurement of the beams in hot condition and before cutting, in order to detect possible periodic defects and deviations from tolerances at an early stage and to initiate countermeasures. SULB will be equipped with a PROgauge 1300x600-8ES, which will map the cross-sectional shape with the highest precision along the entire product length of the hot-rolled heavy sections. SULB thus increases production efficiency by detecting conformity deviations during the ongoing production process at full speed. SurfTec, an additional software, looks at the entire product surface in addition to the dimensional measurement of the PROgauge and indicates deviations from the ideal product surface. This enables SULB to reliably produce beams within tolerance limits and proactively make corrections in the rolling mill.

The SMS group is responsible for the entire mechanical and electrical integration of the PROgauge laser measuring system into the existing line. The commissioning of the PROgauge laser measuring system and the SurfTec surface defect detection is expected for Q1/Q2 2024 by TBK with support from colleagues of the local SMS group.

Source and Photo: SMS group

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