Forward-looking technology for the transport sector

by Hans Diederichs

Strategic participation in the field of lightweight construction and multi-material design

The Bossard Group is bolstering its expertise in fastening technology with a 40 percent stake in the start-up company MultiMaterial-Welding AG, Stansstad, Switzerland. Part of the Bossard Group’s long-term strategy is investing in innovative and forward-looking technologies. This latest investment brings the Bossard Group closer to its vision of being the world’s leading reference for fastening solutions.

In recent years, the Bossard Group has acquired stakes in multiple companies to expand its expertise in a variety of strategic future markets, the latest being this 40 percent minority investment in the start-up company MultiMaterial-Welding AG (MM-Welding). As the company’s name suggests, its business focuses on multi-materials and welding. In recent years, it has developed a wide-ranging portfolio of innovative products that use ultrasonic energy to create form-fit connections.

For today’s lightweight materials, traditional fastening techniques using rivets, adhesives and screws restrict freedom of engineering and design, ultimately affecting manufacturing costs. This is where MM-Welding can help. Thanks to new technologies supported by big data and artificial intelligence, MM-Welding offers novel fastening solutions that are successfully used in lightweight and multi-material designs. This future-oriented technology enables the secure and durable connection of lightweight, porous materials such as fiber composites, foam and honeycomb structures, all of which are gaining in importance.

Daniel Bossard, CEO of the Bossard Group, is enthusiastic: “This new technology is of special interest to customers in the automotive, aerospace, and rail industries. In other words, all companies whose products swim, fly, or travel – and hence need lightweight components consisting of multiple materials – are potential customers.”

For Gregor Eckhard, CEO of MM-Welding, the partnership with the Bossard Group also opens up new opportunities: “We have already worked together with Bossard, and we have successfully taken initial projects into serial production. This investment opens up even more potential. Bossard has worldwide market access and an advanced logistics service. That helps us get our technology platform to market and to customers quickly and efficiently.”

The global marketing of product, production, and logistics solutions for industrial companies is one of the dedicated growth areas of the Bossard Group.

Source and photo: Bossard Group

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