Fronius presents SmartCell, the CE-certified Cobot welding cell

by Hans Diederichs

The automation of work processes is also becoming increasingly important for small and medium-sized enterprises. Only in this way can they continue to work cost-effectively, react flexibly to changes and at the same time counter the shortage of skilled workers. With the Fronius SmartCell, the technology leader is now introducing a Cobot welding solution that enables companies to automate their welding processes easily and cost-effectively. The fully CE-certified Cobot welding cell ensures safe cooperation with the robot and delivers reproducibly good welding results.

With the Fronius SmartCell, available exclusively in Germany, even small and medium-sized enterprises can easily get started with Cobot welding. With the compact all-in-one solution, users work more economically and can counter the shortage of skilled workers. The SmartCell is easy and intuitive to use thanks to the SmartArc interface. Even welders without any previous knowledge can be trained in a short time and create complex sequences for the Cobot.

To teach the collaborative robot, the user simply guides the robot arm manually through the movement to be defined. The software stores all elementary points and guides the operator step by step to the perfect welding result. Once created, programs can be executed again and again – for reproducibly high weld quality. This takes the pressure off qualified welders and companies save on money, time and resources. Oscillation options can also be set via the teach panel.

The SMART ARC EXTENSION PACK (SAEP) handle on the robot arm is the central control and operating element of the Cobot and facilitates the user’s work. Additional functions are triggered at the touch of the button, as well as pre-tacking or changing the FreeDrive, LinDrive and RotDrive drive functions with which the robot can be moved under a force-controlled manner.

A focus on safety

For the safety of the user, only high-quality components are used. The cell also has a comprehensive safety concept with powerful welding fume extraction that protects the environment during welding. The high safety standard of the entire welding cell is verified by the CE-marking.

The SmartCell was developed in cooperation with the robot specialists and mechanical engineers of fsk industries in Gummersbach. The young company boasts a great deal of expertise and knows how to put its clever ideas into practice. The cell consists of a safety enclosure, a welding table and a welding fume extraction system and can be equipped with a UR5e or UR10e robot from Universal Robots, depending on the requirements. Fronius equips the safety Cobot welding cell with its proven welding equipment in the form of a TPS/i robotic power source. This ensures high quality, maximum safety and efficient welding processes.

Source and photo: Fronius Deutschland GmbH

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