Global Industry 2020 is all about environmental protection

by David Fleschen

At a time when the world is changing, the representatives of industry have a particularly important task. Shaping tomorrow's industry also means worrying about its impact on the planet and the lives of millions of people. Companies are aware of these challenges and their responsibilities and mobilize their strengths regardless of their specialist areas and areas of activity.

Industry must seize this opportunity to take a pioneering role and exemplify its activities in the service of a sustainable future.

For this reason, Global Industry 2020 offers a platform for all initiatives and innovations with which the challenges of ecological change and the energy transition can be mastered.

For the first time in its history, global industry is focusing its next edition entirely on a particular topic.

Ecological change is a red guide through Global Industry 2020, because the current huge changes and their consequences present us with equally great challenges: In harmony with nature, we must build a greener future with environmentally friendly solutions. The green industry will therefore be the focus of all important events of this fair.

On the initiative of Global Industrie, ENSAM is currently carrying out an exclusive study, which will provide an initial assessment of the measures that the exhibition exhibitors and the entire industry have taken with regard to a sustainable industry. This strategic analysis addresses three questions:

- To what extent are industry representatives committed to the three aspects of sustainable development (environment, social and economic)?

- What are the priority R&D topics for companies and research institutions in industry?

- What is the sustainable development policy of the industrial associations and what strategy is being followed when labeling entrepreneurial competence centers and clusters?

The results of this unpublished study will be premiered at the Global Industry press conference on January 22, 2020.

One of the themed courses of global industry is the “Sustainable Industry” course, which is used to mark the stands of those exhibitors who are committed to ecological change and the energy transition in an exemplary manner.

Even if one thinks of digitization as the first thing about the term Industry 4.0, one should not forget that the industry of the future, if it does not want to be doomed to fail, must always be ecological.

Circular economy, energy efficiency, mobility, sustainable development ... all these are crucial issues that must already determine the actions of companies today!

On Thursday afternoon, April 2nd, a large round table will be organized as part of the Plateau TV Global Industrie 2020, at which numerous representatives of industry who have already launched their companies will share their experiences. The names of the participants will be announced shortly.

On the same day, a keynote presentation by the technology institute Cetim deals with the topic "The challenge of the energy transition and ecological change and the resulting opportunities for SMEs."
Source: Global Industrie, Photo: Fotolia

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