GreenCoat RWS from SSAB - for durable and sustainable roof drainage

by David Fleschen

To meet the global demand for sustainable and durable building materials, SSAB is expanding its range of organically coated GreenCoat® steel for roof drainage systems. GreenCoat RWS Pural BT, which has a beautiful matt appearance, features a bio-based coating with Swedish vegetable oil that is unique in the market.

The climate is changing. Even a normal downpour can result in 10 mm of rainfall within an hour. On a 100 square metre roof, this adds up to a tonne of water. This requires a durable roof drainage system that can cope with even the strongest storms and still requires the least possible maintenance - but still looks great.

GreenCoat RWS organic coated steels from SSAB offer beautiful aesthetics, superior quality, durability and environmental benefits for suspended and box gutters. They are available in a variety of colours and surface textures.

GreenCoat RWS products have a double-sided coating that provides excellent protection against corrosion (RC5 according to standard EN10169) and mechanical wear to withstand the harshest weather conditions. They also have high formability, which means they can be shaped in virtually any way.

GreenCoat RWS Pural BT is the result of extensive product development, taking into account customer feedback, analysis of test results and the expertise of our partners.

It offers excellent corrosion resistance (RC5), gloss retention and colour fastness and achieves the highest class (Ruv5) according to standard EN 10169.

The partners involved were: Piristeel (Finland), Galeco (Poland) and BILKA (Romania).

Current construction statistics show that the demand for sustainable building materials is increasing. GreenCoat RWS Pural BT offers a high level of sustainability through the use of Swedish vegetable oil in the coating and high durability in roof drainage. It is also a high-performance, highly formable and easy-to-maintain building product.

Steel is one of the few materials that offers a 100 per cent closed-loop recycling system. This means that steel can be used efficiently again and again without losing its performance characteristics - and without harmful waste products. Steel is also easy to recycle and reuse, making it the perfect choice for cost-effective and long-lasting roof drainage.

"Sustainability plays an important role in the construction industry. With our premium GreenCoat® organically coated steels, we offer the most sustainable products with the best technical properties for the construction industry," explains Olavi Huhtala, Executive Vice President of SSAB Europe Division in the SSAB Group.

Source and Photo: SSAB

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