Habas oders new wirerod mill and slab caster automation from Danieli

by David Fleschen

Habaş Sınai ve Tibbi Gazlar İstihsal Endüstrisi, Turkey, selected Danieli to supply its new wirerod line and slab caster electrical and automation systems, along with technological packages.

To be installed in the Aliaga steelmaking plant, the New wirerod line will produce a wide range of steel grades - including low- and medium-carbon steel, welding wire, high-carbon and PC wire and reinforcement steel - at the maximum rolling speed of 110 m/sec.

The start of operation is planned during the 3rd quarter of 2021.

Technologically, the new line will include a 10-pass fast-finishing block adopting the latest technology Multidrives (M2®) configuration; Danieli Structure Control (DSC®) water cooling line; and a four-pass reducing and sizing Twin Module Block (TMB®) equipped with individual drive-control system.

A High-Speed Shear (HSS®) for head and tail trimming, double-pipe oil-film bearing loop-laying head, controlled cooling conveyor for high-speed and retarded cooling and coil handling system by means of vertical trestle and Sund-Birsta Vertical Coil Compactor complete the line.

Habaş operates a wirerod line supplied by Morgårdshammar (part of the Danieli Group) in the 1990s.

Danieli Automation, who recently completed the modernization of the automation system (for mould technological packages) of Habaş existing Slab Caster, has been selected again by the Turkish steelmaker for the supply of the complete Level 1 automation and Level 2 process control systems, along with instrumentation and the core process technology, for the its new twin-strand slab caster.

Danieli’s state-of-the-art 3Q technological packages will enable the caster to produce a wide range of steel grades ranging from plain carbon steels (LC, MC, HC) to highly demanding grades such as IF, ULC, MnB and Micro-alloyed grades. The slabs produced will be 220, 225mm thick in the width range from 1000 to 2100mm at a maximum casting speed of 1.8m/min and the caster will be put into operation during 4th quarter of 2021.

Habaş is the leading supplier of industrial and medical gases and distributor of LNG and CNG in Turkey.

Also, having 4.75 Mtpy of liquid steel production capacity it is one of the leading Turkish steel producers and has a strong reputation as an exporter of steel products.

Source and Photo: Danieli

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