Harsco renews metal recovery, scrap processing contract with JSW

by David Fleschen

Harsco Corporation a global market leader providing environmental solutions for industrial and specialty waste streams, announced today that its

Harsco Environmental (HE) division has successfully renewed a multi-year services contract with JSW Steel at its Dolvi operation in Maharashtra, India.

The current service contract, which includes the processing of steel melting shop-1 (SMS1) slag, expires in June 2022. The renewed contract adds the processing of SMS-2 slag, beginning July 2021, to support Dolvi till it develops a single large metal recovery plant (MRP) at a new location, which will double its capacity. The renewal ensures HE can provide continuity for JSW Dolvi beyond expiration of the existing contract, with an upgraded plant, to cater excess slag processing until the future expansion at the new MRP takes place.

“JSW always puts emphasis on by-product/waste product management, its effective utilization and maximization of its value by employing the latest technology, which is both economically and environmentally efficient,” said JSW Dolvi Works President Gajraj Singh Rathore. “With the finalization of this contract with Harsco, JSW has again moved one step ahead towards our objective of solid waste utilization. I wish for a timely and successful implementation of the project, as it is strategically important for us to manage the slag produced from our steel meltshop 2 expansion project.”

HE currently provides several services at the Dolvi mill, including metal recovery, scrap management and under-furnace digging. These services are directly linked to consistent/continuous steel production and are critical for plant operations. Further, in 2019, HE secured three additional multi-year contracts to set up, operate and maintain slag briquetting, slag cooling and meltshop services at JSW Dolvi.

“This is another milestone in our longstanding strategic relationship with JSW Dolvi,” said Harsco Environmental Regional President of India Siva Subramaniyam. “It is proof of our client’s trust in us to deliver an upgraded and efficient metal recovery plant in the shortest time to meet the increased slag production as the Dolvi plant doubles its steel capacity.”

Source: Harsco, Photo: JSW

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