Hotel with pladur® Relief Icecrystal steel façade

by Hans Diederichs

Architecture firm is awarded German Façade Prize 2020

The hotel “Der Öschberghof”, which was recently modernized and expanded, blends perfectly into the surrounding landscape – all thanks to its pladur®-coated steel façade. Now the architects Allmann Sattler Wappner have been awarded the German Façade Prize 2020 for this project.

The architectural concept is based on an archetypal Black Forest farmstead and adds little clusters of individual gable-roofed houses to the existing hotel buildings. The distinctive façade blends the buildings into a harmonious overall design.

When looking for a material for the new façade, the architects faced two major challenges: firstly, great freedom of design to realize the architects' ideas and secondly, sustainability, because this is what the Hotel-Resort in Donaueschingen is generally committed to.

This is where thyssenkrupp Steel‘s coil-coated steel pladur® Relief Icecrystal came in, for Arnold AG, a company specializing in metal processing, which was commissioned as general contractor for the façade design, opted for this material. Steel can theoretically be recycled indefinitely and is therefore the ideal material for a circular economy. Moreover, it offers excellent properties in terms of corrosion protection and workability, which allows even the most demanding forming operations.

The new steel façade in the Black Forest is an impressive demonstration of the versatility of the premium product pladur®.

Source and photo: thyssenkrupp Steel

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