INTUBE 2019 in-house exhibition attracted more visitors than ever

by David Fleschen

27 machines made in Italy in live operation and within four weeks almost 1,500 visitors from more than 640 companies from 45 countries - the BLM GROUP's INTUBE 2019 on 10,000 m2 of exhibition space was a superlative in-house exhibition. Alone from Germany almost 200 people from about 80 companies came to the works of ADIGE and ADIGE-SYS to Levico Terme in northern Italy - almost twice as many as two years ago. The global success is also reflected in the expansion of production capacity: On the occasion of the INTUBE 2019, the BLM GROUP opened a brand new plant in Levico Terme, where it produces selected laser laser tube lasers.

The "German Days" took place from October 8 to 10, during which the sales team of BLM GROUP Deutschland GmbH guided the visitors in German through the in-house exhibition. In addition to new machines and functions, INTUBE 2019 presented its entire portfolio under the motto "Ordinary Special" - including new machines. Further highlights of the in-house exhibition included several "working islands", on the basis of which the BLM GROUP demonstrated the depth it has achieved in the integration of its machines for pipe processing in the sense of Industry 4.0 today.

One of these integrated processes demonstrated the interplay of four different BLM GROUP machines with one robot in the production of two different workpieces for the heating market. A multifunctional tube processing center fed 3-RUNNER steel tubes from the coil through a straightening unit, re-shaped the tubes at one end and cut them off. With a robot, two nuts were pre-positioned on the pipes in a further step. The robot then loaded the tubes into an all-electric SMART CNC multiradius bending machine, which bent them into two variants using a bending mandrel. After the bending process in this machine, the robots removed the tubes from the SMART and fed the second ends with an E-SHAPE. After this process step was completed, the robot put the workpieces sorted into containers. So that the INTUBE visitors did not miss any details of this unmanned production, they were filmed with cameras and shown on a large monitor.

Source and Photo: BLM Group

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