Kerstin Maria Rippel from German Steel Federation elected to the Board of Eurofer

by David Fleschen

Today, Kerstin Maria Rippel, Chief Executive of the German Steel Federation, was elected to the Board of the European steel association EUROFER by the General Assembly.

Rippel commented:

"For a successful path towards climate neutrality, the steel industry must join forces at all levels - and especially in Brussels. I am therefore very pleased to have been elected to the board of our European steel association EUROFER. Side by side with my fellow board members, I will campaign at EU level for a policy that enables sustainable climate-neutral steel locations in Europe. To achieve this, we need enormous amounts of green electricity at affordable prices, practical state aid rules that enable timely start-up financing and a green lead market to replace it in the long term. Fair trade conditions that help us to remain internationally competitive on this enormous transformation path are an indispensable basis for this."

Source and Photo: WV Stahl

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