Liberty Steel Group’s Galati plant have signed contracts with Danieli Service.

by David Fleschen

Danieli C-Stock Consignment Stock System allows customers to avoid costly procurement, to exploit dilution of parts expenses, and to enjoy rapid and continuous availability, granting continuity of operation and zeroing downtimes due to missing parts.

Danieli Service recently was awarded contracts by Liberty Steel Galati (Romania) and Marcegaglia (San Giorgio di Nogaro plant, Italy) for a 3-year supply of DanOil high-quality spares, namely bushings and sleeves.

The main advantage of these contracts is that the customers will have flexible agreements in terms of quantities and types of goods (item list can be expanded to other parts, such seals, rings, etc.), a fixed price for one year and fast delivery from Danieli headquarters in Italy.

For three years, Danieli will produce the DanOil spare items required by the two producers, which will also benefit from an analysis of the ordered and used items, along with a consulting service aiming to lower wear and tear, and the need of many spares.

According to Danieli Service experience, the average saving for customers using Danieli C-Stock Consignment Stock System is around 10% of the contracted items.

Headquartered at Danieli Service in Italy, the DanOil Bearing Team is available to you through any Danieli Service Center worldwide.

Source and Photo: Danieli

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