Metinvest’s Steel Front: Over UAH1.9 Billion In Aid For Ukraine

by David Fleschen

Metinvest, beneficially owned by Mr. Rinat Akhmetov and Mr. Vadym Novynskyi’s has spent over UAH1.9 billion in aid for Ukraine during six months of war. The Group has been holding the line through its Steel Front, supporting the army and civilians, ensuring the stability of the national economy, taking care of its team and providing humanitarian aid.

One of Metinvest’s largest projects since 24 February – has been dedicated to supplying gear for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defence units, National Guard, National Police, Defence Intelligence Corps and other forces. Metinvest also supplies protective gear for its mobilised employees, employees of public utilities, rescue workers, combat medics and national media representatives reporting from combat zones.

The defence forces have now received more than 21,000 helmets from Metinvest. The Group has also donated around 110,000 bulletproof vests, some of which have been purchased abroad. Others have been made using certified specialty steel produced in-house. Metinvest-SMC, the Group’s sales company, supplies specialty steel to make protective equipment for front-line vehicles.

Together with its partners, Metinvest has launched the production of other steel products to meet the military’s needs. For example, the troops have already received the first four special metal bunker-type shelters for the reinforcement of trenches. The structures have been produced at Metinvest’s JV in Zaporizhzhia.

The company has also handed over the first 6 tonnes of steel products for Ukrtransgas. This steel has already been used to manufacture and supply 80 outdoor stoves, 170 remote mine clearance devices and 120 mini-stoves made of sheet metal plates. In total, employees of Ukrtransgas plan to produce 5,000 items using a continuous supply of Metinvest steel. /

Aside from this, the Group provides a variety of tactical equipment to the troops. In particular, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already received over 500 drones, 1,600 thermal imaging devices, 27,000 tourniquets and 500 first-aid kits from Metinvest.

The Group has supplied the defence forces with up to 500,000 litres of petrol and handed over more than 140 vehicles and pieces of heavy-duty machinery from its own fleet. Metinvest has also purchased 100 pickup trucks, jeeps and minivans for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and 20 ambulances for medics of the Defence Intelligence Corps.

For the construction of roadblocks and the reinforcement of social infrastructure, the Group has provided nearly 3,000 tonnes of sand and gravel, and 2,400 concrete blocks and slabs. It has also supplied steel for portable mini-bastions and other defensive structures. Nearly 76,000 anti-tank hedgehogs have been produced.

Source and Photo: Metinvest

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