Metso launches Cross Flow Rotary Cooler to decrease water consumption

by David Fleschen

In pyro processing plants, cooling can be quite energy-intensive and impactful to plant performance, utilities and infrastructure. To tackle these challenges, Metso is introducing the Cross Flow Rotary Cooler. This innovative solution, which is part of Metso’s Planet Positive offering, utilizes the indirect heat exchange principle, where heat is transferred into a secondary air stream. The recovered heat can be used in other plant processes.

“Metso has been designing and supplying rotary equipment like kilns, dryers and coolers for decades. We are particularly proud of the fact that we are always able to keep our equipment design state-of-the-art and to respond to the challenges of industry and society,” says Chris Urban, Vice President, Heat Transfer at Metso.

“Our innovative Cross Flow Rotary Cooler design can drastically reduce the water consumption and, at the same time, improve the energy efficiency, the carbon footprint and the sustainability of process plants.”

The Cross Flow Rotary Cooler design is based on Metso’s proven proprietary equipment used in rotary coolers and boasts an airfilm cooling shroud design.

Some of the key benefits of the Metso Cross Flow Rotary cooler are:

  • Savings in water consumption and capex for water cooling circuit
  • Heat recovery and improved plant energy balance
  • Improved temperature control
  • 35% lighter shrouds than waterfilm shrouds
  • Indirect cooling that is suitable for special applications such as oxidation, fouling or scaling
  • Simple installation, thanks to reduced instruments and elimination of tank, pump and pipes

For pyro processing plants, Metso’s offering includes a complete suite of pyro processing technologies, rotary kilns and coolers, Premier™ ball mills, indirect rotary kilns for acid roasting, HoloFlite heat exchangers, as well as advisory services for installation and commissioning.

Source and Photo: Metso

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