Online Seminar: Refractories - Key Technology and its Applications

by David Fleschen

The seminar "REFRACTORIES - Key Technology and its Applications" of the ECREF in Höhr-Grenzhausen will be offered this year in English and again as an online seminar. The online seminar can also be booked and attended in individual blocks. The first block will provide the application-oriented basics of the key technology REFRACTORIES in nine lectures. It is supplemented by three half-day blocks, in each of which several experts from the user industries explain the application of REFRACTORY in their processes. The seminar will take place from 31 August to 2 September 2021.

By dividing the seminar into individually bookable blocks, the event organizers want to enable and support further training - even in the financially strained situation of Covid-19.

Source: ECREF, Photo: Fotolia

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