Outokumpu starts collaboration with Thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe

by David Fleschen

Outokumpu, the global leader in stainless steel, is partnering with thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe, a leading steel and aluminum service centre, and Boysen Group, a premium exhaust system manufacturer, to introduce the world’s first towards-zero stainless steel to the automotive industry. Outokumpu’s Circle Green is the world’s most sustainable stainless steel with up to 92% lower carbon footprint than the industry average*. The companies aim to supply larger quantities of Outokumpu’s Circle Green product to the industry as of the second half of 2023.

“Together with our dedicated partners we are expanding this unique solution into the automotive industry. Like many other industries, the automotive sector is looking into cutting its carbon dioxide emissions, and we can help our customers and partners to develop solutions that reduce the climate burden. A year ago, we introduced Circle Green, our towards-zero-stainless steel, which has generated significant interest and demand across various segments. By uniting the strengths and expertise of Outokumpu, thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe and Boysen Group, the partnership represents a milestone in the pursuit of a low-emission automotive industry”, says Niklas Wass, Executive Vice President, Stainless Europe, Outokumpu.

Tailpipe emissions from cars, trucks, and other road vehicles account for around 75% of all carbon emissions from mobility – approximately six gigatons of CO₂ per year. The shift to low-emission vehicles will disrupt the entire automotive supply chain and create a significant change in the market for auto components.**

As part of the collaboration, Outokumpu supplies the material to thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe, the service center experts then take care of processing the master coil into slit strips and manages the just-in-time delivery to the Boysen Group.

"As an independent service center, supply and service around emission-reduced metal products are central services for our company. We want to support our customers and partners in developing sustainable solutions – such as using Circle Green with up to 92% lower carbon footprint than the industry average, for our customer Boysen Group”, says Marcus Wöhl, CEO of thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe.

The supply of CO₂ reduced material is an important building block in the sustainability strategy of thyssenkrupp Materials Services, the parent company of thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe.

With the procurement and use of decarbonized stainless steel, the Boysen Group is acting as a role model in the automotive industry towards more sustainable supply chains. The use of Circle Green enables the Boysen Group an enormous savings potential in CO₂ emissions and thereby actively contributes to climate protection – at the same time supporting the company target of protecting, preserving, and shaping the environment.

"For us as a developer and manufacturer of systems and components that provide crucial reductions in pollutant and noise emissions in our customers' vehicles, environmental protection is an essential part of our business. We are proud to have found two strategic partners to further advance the important topic of sustainability and CO₂ neutrality in the supply chain. True to our path – without change, no future", says Rolf Geisel, CEO of Boysen Group.

Outokumpu’s Circle Green has set a global precedent, as no other stainless steel manufacturer has achieved such low emission levels throughout the entire production chain from raw material extraction to final production.

Source and Photo: Thyssenkrupp

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