Primetals chosen as supplier of EAF based steelmaking plant in Austria

by David Fleschen

Voestalpine has placed an order with Primetals Technologies for a 180-ton EAF Ultimate to be implemented at the Austrian steel producer’s site in Linz, Austria. Startup is scheduled for 2027. The EAF Ultimate will be playing a key role in voestalpine’s green transition program “greentec steel.” As a first step in this ambitious decarbonization program, one electric arc furnace will be built at each of voestalpine’s sites, in Linz and Donawitz.

Primetals Technologies will supply the complete EAF Ultimate equipment, a dedusting system, a waste-heat recovery system, electrical grid stabilization, and material handling for alloying materials and additives. The order also includes full Level 1 and 2 automation, a power supply system including a static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) for optimized grid stabilization, and the LiquiRob robotic system, which increases efficiency and occupational safety at the plant.

The EAF Ultimate will be designed to incorporate industry-leading solutions for environmentally friendly steel production. For example, the heat recovery system will convert much of the waste heat into steam, which is then fed back and used in other production units.

“We are very happy to strengthen our close and long-lasting partnership with voestalpine and to support them on their way to becoming CO2-neutral. The EAF Ultimate is part of our latest generation of electric steelmaking plants and is well-known for its raw material flexibility, fully automated operation, advanced control systems, and environmental efficiency. With this technology, voestalpine is set for a future of decarbonized steel production,” says Andreas Viehböck, Head of Upstream Technologies at Primetals Technologies.

In August 2022, Primetals Technologies announced a significant contribution to Salzgitter’s SALCOS green steel transition project in Germany. This collaboration and other recent references as well as expertise in both the production of advanced steel grades and leading automation solutions were the most important factors influencing the decision to choose Primetals Technologies as the supplier for the  new electric arc furnace and meltshop equipment.

The automation scope includes the latest generation of the web-based DCS process control system, which unites the engineering and operational teams in the same environment. This system ensures intuitive system operation and best-in-class support in maintenance-related topics. The Level 2 automation system is state-of-the-art, resulting in superior process control and the possibility to calculate the carbon footprint of the electric steelmaking plant.

Source and Photo: Voestalpine

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