Primetals receives FAC for LD converter modernized at Mechel

by Hans Diederichs

In May, the Mechel Group issued the final acceptance certificate (FAC) for a LD (BOF) converter modernized by Primetals Technologies in the steel works of the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (ChMK)in Russia. The project aims were to replace worn-out equipment, to further increase capacity by raising the tapping weight to 160t and to optimize tap-to-tap times by cutting the blowing time. At the same time, Mechel installed a new cooling stack and the associated offgas cleaning plant to reduce converter emissions. OOO Rosenergostal, Belgorod supplied this equipment. This is the third converter PrimetalsTechnologies had modernized in the Chelyabinsk steel works. The other two converters were successfully brought into operation in August 2011 and November 2013.The Mechel Group is one of Russia's major producers of steel, ferrous alloys, coal and energy. Mechel is the leading manufacturer of stainless steel, and runs the country's largest integrated production plant, the ChMK, in Oblast Chelyabinsk. ChMK produces a wide range of products, including pig iron, semifinished steel products, long and flat products, some as large as girders and rails, made of carbon ,structural, tool and corrosion-resistant steels. The new converter is part of an expansion program that includes increasing the annual production capacity of the converter steel works. Primetals Technologies was responsible for the basic and detail engineering, and supplied core components, including the vessel, trunnion ring, slag shields and maintenance-free vessel suspension system Vaicon Link. It also replaced the tilting drive, together with its AC motors, and implemented the associated basic automation. In addition, Primetals Technologies handled the supervision of the installation and commissioning work on site.

Source and photo: Primetals Technologies

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