Railway Network contract for more than 42 million euros awarded to ArcelorMittal

by David Fleschen

The Board of Directors of Adif has approved at its last meeting the award of the new rail supply contract for the needs of works, repairs and spare parts in the General Interest Railway Network (RFIG), for an amount of 42.35 million euros (VAT included).

The contract, which has been awarded to the company Arcelormittal Spain, includes the purchase of the rail and its transport from its production points to the places designated for use. The supply will be made under an open order regime without a firm purchase commitment, so that the provision of lanes will depend on Adif's needs to deal with the maintenance and renovation work on roads and treatment of diversions and stations.

The rail is part of the track, one of the elements of the railway superstructure. It is a mushroom-shaped rolled steel bar, whose basic function is the support and guidance of trains.
Source and Photo: Adif

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