Safe, ergonomic unpacking of sheet metal stacks

by Hans Diederichs

Kasto has added a new solution to its range of equipment for companies that distribute and process sheet metal: a brand-new plate handler for safe, user-friendly unpacking and storage of sheet metal stacks. The device significantly reduces the amount of manual handling required for heavy plates. It not only saves time but also helps to prevent accidents and injuries.

The Kasto plate handler consists of a drum-shaped turning device with a support table that can be raised and lowered. A stack of sheet metal to be stored is placed by a forklift before it is unpacked. The stack is positioned in the center, ensuring a very stable setup. The user first removes the straps, sheeting and edge protectors from the top side. The drum then rotates 180 degrees, allowing easy removal of the remaining packaging and the wooden pallet. Following this, the plate handler returns to its starting position.

After the packaging has been removed, vertical and horizontal guides align the plates exactly according to the user’s requirements – either centered or at a reference corner. Telescopic forks then convey the plates to a waiting cart, then onto a storage pallet. In this way the user is ideally prepared for automated storage and processing – without any heavy lifting or carrying. The end result is greater efficiency, better workplace ergonomics, all while accidents and injuries are avoided.

The Kasto plate handler is suitable for sheet metal stacks in formats MF, GF and XF with weights up to five metric tons. It offers sheet metal distributors and processors an economical means of automating the laborious process of unpacking and storing. It can also handle diamond plates and set them down on either side as needed. In addition, it can seamlessly connect to all Kasto sheet metal storage systems, ensuring a consistent, efficient, and ergonomic material flow.

Source and photo: Kasto

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