Salzgitter AG expands product range to include green strip steel

by Hans Diederichs

Before the end of this year 2020, Salzgitter AG will be able to offer its customers a range of green strip steel products in specified grades and dimensions. The company is moving promptly to take account of the vibrant interest being expressed in these materials. These products will feature a CO2 footprint less than a quarter that of previous steels. In order to enable production, one of the two continuous casting lines at the Peine steelworks will be fitted out to cast slabs.

As Executive Board Chairman Professor Heinz Jörg Fuhrmann commented: “For self-evident technological reasons, high-quality strip steel products fall within the domain of integrated steelworks. Our pioneering SALCOS project is aiming to move step by step towards low-CO2 hydrogen-based metallurgy. In a few months’ time, we will be marking another milestone on this journey with the arrival of the first green strip steel. For a large number of our customers, it is important to take delivery of a real, physical reduced-CO2 product, rather than being satisfied with more or less theoretical projections of receiving products with reduced CO2 footprints. We are delighted to be able to meet these demands within a short period of time.”

Source and photo: Salzgitter AG

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