Schuler expands spare parts warehouse

by Hans Diederichs

Unanticipated press downtime can often be extremely frustrating, especially since each additional hour of system inactivity can get very costly. When a component on the press fails, it has to be replaced as soon as possible so that production can resume with minimal delay. And that’s exactly why Schuler has now expanded its spare parts warehouse at company headquarters in Göppingen.

“We stock replacement parts, critical machine components and entire assemblies for all of the machines from Schuler and our other brands, no matter when the machine was built or whether it’s a hydraulic press, mechanical press or the accompanying automation,” says Managing Director Dr. Martin Habert, who oversees Service at Schuler. And if there is ever a situation where we don’t have the necessary component in stock, we’ll come up with a solution immediately.”

Experts from Schuler are available to help find the right parts and provide additional information, e.g., about any relevant technical enhancements. Where necessary, they can even use the original drawings to have the parts made. Customers can therefore rest assured that they are getting their parts straight from the manufacturer.

“Spare parts that are wrong or defective not only jeopardize customers’ production flows and their ability to deliver, they can also put the safety of their employees at risk,” notes Habert. “With Schuler, our customers are literally playing it safe.”

Schuler has 250 experienced technicians available worldwide to assist with the removal and installation of parts, with service companies located in over 40 different countries. For customers in Asia and the Americas, Schuler maintains additional spare parts and logistics centers in Dalian (China) and Hastings (USA). The Schuler family also includes the following brands: Müller Weingarten, Beutler, Bêché, Umformtechnik Erfurt, Spiertz, SMG, Hydrap, Bliss, Clearing, Niagara, Wilkins & Mitchell, Schleicher, Peltzer & Ehlers, and Liebergeld.

Source and photo: Schuler AG

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