SMR Stainless & Special Steel Conference 2022 Hamburg: Super Early Bird

by David Fleschen

SMR Stainless & Special Steel Conference 2022 Hamburg invites guests to discuss the current state of the global stainless steel industry and all relevant issues that will shape the business in 2023 and beyond. The last chance to save the Early Bird rate expires on Friday, August 12.

Program Highlights

- Accelerating Business through Digital Transformation
Antonio Gayo, Corporate Strategy Director, Acerinox S. A., Spain

- Environmental needs are reshaping Stainless Steel Industry
Timoteo Di Maulo, CEO, Aperam, Luxembourg

- Steel and metals distribution in times of material shortages and volatile prices
Thorsten Studemund, CEO, Voss Group Europe, Germany

- Green Scrap, the key ingredient for Green Steel
Filipe Costa, CEO, Cronimet Envirotec GmbH, Germany

- Solutions to decarbonisation and a harsh energy supply reality
Joachim von Schéele, Director Global Commercialization, Linde plc, Germany

- Economic outlook, supply shortages and the implications for inflation and monetary policy
Stefan Schilbe, Chief Economist Germany, HSBC Deutschland, Germany

- What’s ahead for Stainless Steel in 2023 and beyond?
Markus Moll, Managing Director, SMR - Steel & Metals Market Research GmbH, Austria

Source and Photo: SMR Events



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