Tata Steel chooses Energiron DRI technology for green steel production

by David Fleschen

Tata Steel Netherlands selected Danieli as technological partner for the Heracless (Hydrogen-Era-Carbon-Less) project, aiming to transition the integrated steel mill in IJmuiden from the current BF-technology to a green hydrogen-based steel production, to pursue a sustainable future.

Tata Steel Netherlands awarded Energiron Alliance (Tenova+Danieli) a contract to perform the design of the future Energiron direct reduction plants in Ijmuiden.

All Energiron DRI plants are hydrogen-ready by design and can start using hydrogen as reduction gas without equipment modifications.

DRI pellets processed by Energiron plants allow up to 96% metallization and variable carbon-content ranging from 0.5% with extensive use of hydrogen, and up 4.5% using 100% natural gas.

Thanks to the Energiron DRI technology, Tata Steel Netherlands will be able to use hydrogen in a simple and effective way, producing high-quality green steel in a clean environment.

Energiron is the DRI technology jointly developed by Tenova and Danieli.

Source and Photo: Buttrio

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