Tenova and GE Vernova’s Power Conversion agree to do business together

by David Fleschen

Tenova and and Power Conversion (a GE  Vernova business), signed a Cooperation Agreement to join efforts and work together on target projects to offer and implement innovative power feeding solutions based on medium voltage power converters for Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) or Submerged Arc Furnace (SAF) technologies.

In response to the need for technological solutions to reduce carbon footprint in ironmaking, and the growing demand for very large, highly productive electric furnaces, Tenova and Power Conversion have formed this collaboration to jointly design and market tailored medium voltage power feeding systems for EAFs and SAFs allowing the effective use of high electric power even on constrained grids, reducing both operating costs and environmental impact of new and pre-existing furnaces.

GE Vernova's Power Conversion business has developed an advanced power supply solution for Electrical Arc Furnaces called Direct Feed. This revolutionary AC-DC-AC solution is directly connected to the grid (up to 60 kV) and is based on scalable patented back-to-back hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter topology.

GE’s Direct Feed system precisely controls the EAF voltage and arc current/power at variable frequency. Its digital control system allows for qualitative monitoring of the electrical arc, resulting in greater process stability, better OpEx, and improved grid power quality performance. It addresses the increasingly challenging limits imposed by grid codes, which conventional solutions cannot meet.

Source and Photo: Tenova

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