tk Aerospace and MHICA extend cooperation

by Hans Diederichs

thyssenkrupp Aerospace (tk Aerospace) is pleased to announce a three-year extension to its contract with MHI Canada Aerospace (MHICA). Under the agreement, which began in 2018, thyssenkrupp Aerospace manages material for aluminum wing planks, including procuring, receiving, inspecting, and storing planks directly from the mills at its facility in Montreal. The material is drilled and tapped on demand for just-in-time delivery. “The continuation of our contract with MHICA is a sign of their confidence and trust in our relationship,” says Jürgen Funke, Chairman and CEO of thyssenkrupp Aerospace North America. “Under our ‘Materials as a Service’ approach, we reduce the complexity of MHICA’s supply chain with access to global markets, custom supply chain solutions, material processing, and just-in-time delivery.” MHI Canada Aerospace Inc., located in Mississauga, Ont., manufactures heavy aero structures for Bombardier, including the Challenger 350 wing and the Global 5500/6500 wing and center fuselage section. In addition to performing systems and flight control assembly installations and testing, its facility boasts a 24/7 supply chain and logistics center. As part of the worldwide thyssenkrupp network in 22 countries, thyssenkrupp Aerospace offers an unmatched logistics infrastructure to support customers around the world. Services range from raw material management to finished parts kitting. The company’s Montreal facilities feature 177 k square feet of warehouse space, with about 80 employees.

Source and photo: tk Aerospace

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