tk Aerospace starts to supply first batches of raw materials to ASTK

by Hans Diederichs

Aerospace Technology of Korea (ASTK) and thyssenkrupp Aerospace have agreed on the just- in-time provision of raw material batches to the Korean manufacturer of aircraft components. The material is destined to the current Embraer rear fuselage FAI (First Article Inspection) stage.

Through its Brazilian subsidiary, thyssenkrupp Autômata, the aerospace experts of thyssenkrupp Materials Services are already very well integrated into the Embraer supply chain as a high quality Tier 3 supplier of manufactured finished parts. The global supply chain service provider is therefore well positioned to continue its support of ASTK once the project will lead to the next production stage.

"We are very pleased with the trust of ASTK in our service. The company is one of the leading experts in the manufacturing of aircraft components in Korea with a program ranging from Spirit AeroSystems to Boeing and nowadays all the way to Embraer," says Hyunsoo Jee, Country Manager of thyssenkrupp Aerospace Korea.

"As one of the world's leading suppliers of materials, supply chain solutions and metal processing services for the aerospace industry, we are able to respond to our customers' needs at very short notice. The basis for this is our global network in 22 countries," adds Jee.

As part of its "Materials as a Service" strategy, thyssenkrupp Materials Services is further expanding its high-margin supply chain service business and offering improved and new services. In this way, the company is responding to the far-reaching changes in the business environment, the ever faster changing competitive environment and the resulting new, individual customer needs.

Source and photo: tk Materials Services GmbH

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