TMK Group realizes project for digitizing production planning processes

by Hans Diederichs

TMK implements a new MES system together with PSI

The leading Russian steel pipe manufacturer TMK Group is implementing a project to automate its operational management system, including production planning and MES at its Russian divisions, together with PSI. The respective agreement was signed by the companies in February 2020.

TMK Group and PSI are realizing an integrated solution based on the PSImetals Production, Quality, Logistics, PSImetals Flow and Order Planning and PSImetals Scheduling modules. During the project’s first phase, TMK will re-engineer and unify production processes across all of its plants. The second phase will see a rollout of the new system at pilot divisions of TMK’s Volzhsky Pipe Plant, Seversky Pipe Plant, Sinarsky Pipe Plant and Taganrog Metallurgical Plant. The final phase will see the new system applied across all TMK production facilities.

The project is being implemented as part of TMK’s Digital Production program and is aimed at im-proving the efficiency and quality of the system for operational management of production and pro-duction processes, particularly by improving planning in order to increase productivity, production rhythm and resource efficiency and, as a result, achieving TMK’s strategic goals.

“The benefits of implementing a single integrated software solution at all TMK production sites include harmonization of MES and Planning business processes and user interfaces at all plants, which allows for reduced implementation costs and time as well as supports centralized maintenance and lower total cost of ownership”, said Harald Henning, PSI Metals Director of the Strategy Committee. “We are looking forward to a successful project together!”

“A unified planning system will provide TMK with flexibility in a rapidly changing market. Combined with the new MES system, it will help the company achieve its strategic goals, including expanding its technological leadership in the industry, increasing economic efficiency and maximizing its returns on investments into modernizing production facilities,” said TMK First Deputy General Director, Chief Engineer Vyacheslav Popkov.

Source and photo: PSI

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