UK-China university-industry partnership tackles global challenges

by David Fleschen

The University of Birmingham and the  Ansteel Group have unveiled a Joint Research Centre to work together on energy efficiency enhancement and industrial decarbonisation – particularly in foundation industries.

Collaborative research through the joint centre will focus on industrial waste energy recovery, waste reduction and recycling, energy conversion and storage, low carbon processes, carbon capture and utilisation, and associated fundamental sciences and enabling technologies.

With over 140,000 employees globally and an annual turnover of £48 billion, Ansteel Group is ranked as the world’s third largest steel maker by the World Steel Association. and is constantly listed in the Fortune 500, with a rank of 217th in 2022. The Group operates globally with 32 branches and subsidiaries and its products are sold to more than 70 countries and regions.

Professor Stephen Jarvis, Head of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Birmingham, said: “The University of Birmingham is delighted to forge a partnership with Ansteel Group, one of the largest and most dynamic leading steel producers.

“We have strong industrial links aligned with our internationally recognised strengths in energy systems, energy conversion and storage technologies, waste reduction and recycling, energy efficiency and related low carbon technologies including industrial decarbonisation. These offer great synergies with Ansteel’s own scientific and sustainability ambitions.

“Through our newly formed Joint Research Centre, we look forward to working with Ansteel on industrial decarbonisation and energy efficiency improvement in ironmaking and steelmaking - contributing to Ansteel’s journey towards clean iron and steel production, and achieving net-zero goals.”

Dr Li Zhen, Vice President of Ansteel Group, said: “The University of Birmingham is one of top 100 global universities that possesses world-leading expertise in metallurgical process and energy technologies. Our new Joint Research Centre is an important part of Ansteel’s integration into the global innovation network.  

“Drawing on our complementary strengths, the Centre will provide long-term opportunities for us to work towards the goal of making iron and steel industry more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, as well as more productive. I wish the new Centre and our collaboration every success.”

Professor Yulong Ding, Director for the newly formed Joint Research Centre, added: “The ironmaking and steelmaking industry is highly energy- and carbon-intensive, generating around 8% of global CO2 emissions. Decarbonisation of such an industrial sector is essential for achieving net-zero targets. We look forward to working with Ansteel in such an important and challenging area.”

Source: University of Birmingham, Photo: Fotolia

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