Volvo Cars plans to utilise near-zero emission aluminum and steel from SSAB

by David Fleschen

To assist achieving its new ambitions ambitions, Volvo Cars  has announced that it has becomea member of the World Economic Forum’s First Movers Coalition (FMC) and is putting its purchasing power behind emerging clean technologies that will support the shift to near-zero emission aluminum.

Volvo Cars said: "We are also taking action in the steel industry, through our collaboration with Swedish steel producer SSAB. We were the first car maker to team up with SSAB to explore near-zero emission, high-quality steel for the automotive industry." Now, Volvo Cars has secured access to near-zero emission primary and recycled sheet steel from SSAB that it plans to use in one of its car programmes by 2026.  

“COP28 is a historic accountability moment for climate action,” says Javier Varela, chief operating officer and deputy CEO, Volvo Cars. “The world urgently needs to come together and act, to avoid the worst effects of climate change. We’re committed to doing our part and we call on corporate and political leaders around the globe to also do theirs.”

Source: Volvo Cars, Photo: SSAB

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