Vulcan Green Steel orders DRI plant from Danieli and Tenova

by David Fleschen

Vulcan Green Steel, a newly established part of the Jindal Steel Group, relied on Energiron for its new hydrogen-ready direct reduction plant to be installed in Duqm, in the Al Wusta region of the Sultanate of Oman, where it will feed a new electric steelmaking complex.

The complex will be a hub for the production of green steel, taking advantage of the availability of natural gas and the renewable energies that will be converted into hydrogen.

The new Energiron direct reduction plant –technology jointly developed by Tenova and Danieli– will start operation with a natural-gas feed, and will begin using hydrogen in blend as hydrogen becomes available on-site.

The single-module, zero-reformer Energiron plant will hot charge the EAF with DRI at temperatures higher than 600 °C, allowing energy savings for steelmaking. The plant will be also capable to produce HBI for storage or export purposes.

Hybrid by design, hydrogen-ready Energiron technology makes it possible to use NG as reducing agent with the possibility to use hydrogen up to 100%, or any mix of these, according to hydrogen availability. Actually, the use of some natural gas during the DR process is appropriate for adding a minimum of carbon to the DRI, needed during melting.

Energiron technology has the capability to capture the CO2 from the process and utilize it for other applications, which will further reduce the overall plant carbon emissions and provide an additional revenue stream for the plant operations.

The completion of the DRI plant at Duqm is aimed by 2026.

Source and Photo: Danieli

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