Wuppermann Staal Nederland B.V. produces its own electricity thanks to solar energy

by David Fleschen

The Wuppermann Group commissioned a new photovoltaic system at its Dutch production site for flat steel in April 2023. The nominal output of the plant, which was installed on the hall roofs of Wuppermann Staal Nederland B.V. (WSN), is more than 1,700 kWp. The planned annual electricity generation of the solar collectors at the Dutch Wuppermann site covers more than 3% of the company's own total energy consumption. The investment volume was 1.4 million euros.

This means that all five production sites of the Wuppermann Group now generate electricity from solar energy. Since the beginning of 2022, the Wuppermann site in Hungary has been producing its own solar power. This was followed by the two Wuppermann production sites in Austria, the tube plant in Poland and now the flat plant in the Netherlands, so that the nominal output of photovoltaic systems for the group now exceeds 4,000 kWp.

"The commissioning of the photovoltaic plant at our Dutch site is another milestone on our way to becoming a CO2-neutral steel processor from 2025 onwards," says Johannes Nonn, Spokesman of the Board of Management of Wuppermann AG.

Karsten Pronk, WSN's technical managing director, adds: "By generating our own electricity from solar energy from now on, we are cushioning the impact of the sharp fluctuations in electricity prices, at least to some extent."

Source: Wuppermann, Photo: Fotolia

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