Innovation Hub

by Dagmar Dieterle

SMS group is a global byword for future-oriented technology and outstanding service in mechanical and plant engineering for the metals industry. As a pioneer in metallurgical process technology, the company offers customized solutions for decarbonization, whose focus is on reducing CO2 emissions and developing sustainable alternatives.

We spoke to Dr. Thomas Hansmann, CTO of the SMS group.

marketSTEEL: SMS is setting up an Innovation Hub, what is behind it?

SMS sees itself as an innovation hub and is committed to developing solutions as quickly as possible in the context of decarbonization. To accelerate this process, we are focusing specifically on specific topics. We have formed a team dedicated exclusively to the development of these solutions and are working flat out to achieve our goals.

Our research and development activities cover a wide range of topics relevant to decarbonization. This ranges from the development of sustainable hydrogen solutions to battery recycling. By focusing on these specific areas, we can make the best use of our resources and expertise to drive the development of innovative solutions.

marketSTEEL: And what developments are on the horizon?

A key issue which continues to occupy us and which is of great importance is the development of sustainable solutions in the area of steel and iron. We are working intensively to develop technologies which reduce CO2 emissions and make steel production more environmentally friendly. This involves both optimizing existing processes and researching new approaches.

Another important trend associated with sustainability is the circular economy. This is about using resources efficiently and minimizing waste. A concrete example of this is battery recycling, which is becoming increasingly important. By recycling batteries and recovering valuable materials, we help conserve resources and reduce environmental impact. Another example is the plant technology we are currently building for Aurubis in the USA to recycle e-waste. With this plant, the metallic valuable materials such as gold, platinum or copper can be recovered and returned to the value-adding cycle.


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