Interview with Frederic Lanz, Urban Steel Rockstars

by Dagmar Dieterle

Interview with Frederic Lanz, Urban Steel Rockstars


marketSTEEL: You have developed the new format "Urban Steel Rockstars". What is the idea behind it?

We are organizing a trade fair with a festival character that focuses not primarily on products, of course, but on communication, brands and experiences.

marketSTEEL: What are the main priorities of Urban Steel Rockstars?

We want to rethink the trade fair world in our industry and provide all guests with a very intensive trade fair and festival experience that offers far more than a conventional trade fair, the basic features of which have not changed for decades. With Urban Steel Rockstars, we are setting contemporary impulses in our industry and a milestone in modern communication.

marketSTEEL: How does the event have a different feel to other formats and trade fairs?

With us, there are new impressions and approaches at every turn. We have top speakers from all over the world, many surprise elements and numerous keynote and entertainment impulses. We have been able to attract the highest-ranking global players as exhibitors. We are opting for a completely new trade fair concept that focuses on communication and emphasizes the fun of our industry and our craft. We want visitors to have a really good time with us, have expert discussions with like-minded people and celebrate together at the same time.

marketSTEEL: How many exhibitors and participants will take part?

We have been able to attract the top 20 companies in the welding and metal industry, i.e. the world's technology and market leaders. Every day, 3,000 decision-makers and the most influential creators in the industry will be on location in Berlin. That means a total of 6,000 top guests that we will be welcoming over the two days of the event.


Photos: Frederic Lanz

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