ABB commissions digital platform integration for Sunflag Steel

by David Fleschen

Working alongside Sunflag Iron and Steel Company Ltd. in Bhandara, India, global technology company ABB has achieved successful integration of its ABB Ability™ Data Analytics Platform for metals, tying together all manufacturing and operational data of steel melt shop and rolling mills to improve production planning and plant performance optimization.

The plant, which has a capacity to produce 500,000 metric tons of high-quality special steel per annum, now has the platform to integrate data sources across 17 operational areas, including non-ABB systems. A key example is that information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) has converged to positively impact Sunflag’s steel melt shop (SMS) and rolling mills.

ABB integrated with the existing automation systems for process and quality monitoring in real time, aligning with user-friendly operator dashboards available via a web page on mobile. The platform enables identification and diagnosis of issues or use of extra resources.

“Together we’re looking forward to realizing the full benefits of enhanced operations and quality,” said Ragunath Satyan, Industry Lead for Metals, ABB India. “ABB Ability™ Data Analytics Platform for metals will provide clear advantages in terms of monitoring and troubleshooting daily process and quality issues.

“We have ensured that Sunflag Steel’s people have visualization of real time plant operations on the most modern dashboards. This will allow for better decision making and will ultimately show returns in productivity, quality and resource efficiency.”

It is one of the first global implementations of ABB’s integrated plant monitoring system in the metals industry, and is part of a long-term vision across process industries for a future where the physical and digital worlds are connected, scalable and harness machine learning potential.

The project has been part of a wider digital transformation engagement with the customer, with ABB providing domain expertise for systems that improve overall process visibility to enable data driven business decision making.

“We’re proud to have had the opportunity with Sunflag Steel to showcase and implement ABB Ability™ Data Analytics Platform for metals for all manufacturing and operational data of steel melt shop and rolling mills on site,” added Ragunath Satyan.

ABB Ability™ solutions combine ABB’s deep domain expertise with connectivity and software innovation to empower real time, data-driven decisions for safer, smarter operations that maximize resource efficiency and contribute to a low-carbon future. A large portfolio of digital solutions helps organizations automate, optimize and future proof their business to achieve new heights of performance and drive sustainable progress.

Source: ABB, Photo: Fotolia

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