ABB completes modernization for Egyptian steelmaker

by David Fleschen

Al Ezz Dekheila Steel Company (EZDK) has approved the completion of a full ABB modernization at its flagship wire rod manufacturing facility in Alexandria, Egypt, with commissioning to achieve rated speed and optimum productivity for all sizes rolled finalized in a record two weeks.

Legacy ABB automation and control systems were completely overhauled with the project including engineering, design and fabrication of a new level-1 automation technologies solution, based on the latest ABB Ability™ System 800xA, together with other networking systems and new DCS800 drives.

In addition, ABB commissioned DSC800-R01/R02 rebuild kits and DSC800-R00 upgrade kit for 19 DC stands drives and provided the latest ACS880 drives for the mill’s Stelmore Conveyor application, along with interfacing with existing LCI Tyrac drives.

ZDK, which is established as the largest independent producer of steel in the Middle East and North Africa region, worked with the ABB team on the hot trial stage and oversaw all integration and testing, subsequently awarding the commissioning engineers certificates of appreciation for the quick turnarou“We were very impressed by the technical expertise and execution skills that the ABB Metals team displayed throughout this project, and we are already experiencing efficiency improvements thanks to this investment,” said Abd El-Moneim Sewaif, Director for EZDK’s long steel division.

The project scope also included a new mobile application for level-2 collaborative production management system — ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management for metals — including complete tracking from furnace charging area to C hook conveyor. Commissioning of the level-2 system started in January 2020 and has now achieved stability, despite having been carried out remotely.

“Our engineers took on various challenges in completing this complex modernization project in record time, including replacing IOs, upgrading drives, and installing a new automation platform,” said Nilabja Ash, Global Product Manager for long product rolling mills at ABB. “These efforts have resulted in a high-quality solution that has already realized productivity benefits and cost efficiencies for a highly-valued customer.”

“Providing 24/7/365 access to the production management system dashboards from any mobile device, makes it even easier for customers to visualize their processes and utilize the information provided to further optimize operations,” said Nilabja Ash.

Source and Photo: ABB

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