Alacero will analyze the challenges and opportunities to reindustrialize Latin America

by Hans Diederichs

Alacero will hold its event in virtual format to understand the present, the future and the opportunities of the Latin American industry in the post-pandemic context, through the vision of the most influential experts in Latin America and in the world.The event will take place in virtual format on November 10th, in a 4 hour broadcast.

• There will be panellists such as Dani Rodrik, one of the 100 most influential economists in the world, Andrés Malamud, a specialist in democratic institutions, foreign policy and regional integration processes, and Andrés Oppenheimmer, one of the most influential intellectuals in Latin America, moderated by Paolo Rocca, CEO at the Techint Group.
• On behalf of the governments will be attending Mexico's Secretary of Economy, Dr. Graciela Marquez Colín, and Brazil's Minister of Economy, Dr. Paulo Guedes.
• Closing the event, we will have a panel with the participation of the main CEOs in Latin America steel industry, who will debate about the future of the industry and the role in reindustrialization; in this panel the participants will be able to make questions for the speakers.

The main panel will discuss "The Reindustrialization of Latin America, an opportunity for the Post-Pandemic scenario", in which Dani Rodrik will approach "The future of globalization and the development strategy". Rodrik is one of the 100 most influential economists in the world. PhD. in economics and a Harvard professor, he is also the author of books such as The Globalization Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy. Andrés Malamud will also participate in the debate theme in his presentation "Latin America in the face of the ‘Great Decouple’: Integration or Fragmentation?". Malamud is a principal researcher and Professor at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon, a political scientist and a doctor in Social and Political Sciences from the European University Institute.

To complete the debate, the panel will receive the political analyst, Andrés Oppenheimer, who will comment on "The challenges of Mexico and Latin America in the new international situation and the future of work." Oppenheimer is considered one of the 50 most influential Latin American intellectuals, also a columnist at The Miami Herald and winner of the Pulitzer Prize. These talks with experts will be moderated by Paolo Rocca, President and CEO at Techint Group.

The event will continue with the role of governments in the new scenario, a topic that will be addressed by Dr. Graciela Márquez Colín, Secretary of the Economy of Mexico, and Dr. Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy of Brazil, moderated by Sergio Leite de Andrade, CEO of Usiminas.

In the final panel, participants will be able to hear from the CEOs of the largest steel companies in the region their perspectives in Latin America and the challenges ahead. The table will include the participation of Máximo Vedoya, CEO at Ternium and president of Alacero; Carlos Zuluaga, CEO at Acesco; Gustavo Werneck, CEO at Gerdau; Jefferson de Paula, CEO at ArcelorMittal; and Raúl Gutiérrez, CEO at Deacero. The debate will be moderated by Maria Juliana Ospina, Executive Director at the Steel Committee of the National Association of Industrialists of Colombia (ANDI).

“Latin America experienced a significant loss of industries that moved to Asia in the last 20 years. We are at a time of change in the world market flows and many industries today are looking to redesign their value chains with a more regional perspective and closer to their markets. It is an opportunity to analyze the problem of manufacturing migration and reverse it. Latin America can be an important recipient of this reallocation, which generates qualified jobs, but it won't be something that happens on its own, we must help it. And that will be what we will see during the congress", stated Máximo Vedoya, president of Alacero.

Source: Alacero         Photo: Fotolia

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